About Me:

I was born on Remembrance Day of 1978.
I grew up in England (0-2), Mashhad (2-13), Montreal (13), Mashhad (14-15), Tehran (15-21), Toronto (21-28), Kitchener (28-30), Waterloo (30-35), Tehran (35-36), Toronto (36-now).
I currently live in Toronto with my wife, Faranak, son Kian, and daughter Baran.
I work as a Commercialization Manager at York University.

How I keep myself busy:

• Knowledge Diffusion Network, Network of Iranian Academics Abroad
Iranforsat.info , a website for those who think of returning to Iran and join universities there
• Balute, a start-up company that a friend of mine and I established in 2009. Check Balute's website!
• My personal blog in Persian, خط قرمز (Haven't been update for a while now)

My Small Projects

اصطلاحات مشهدی